Thursday, October 23, 2008


Downy wanted concepts for new products that will diversify their brand. The creative team came up with new and exciting ways to enhance the fabric softener experience. I designed all the bottles and how they'll function and rendered them in Photoshop.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Cero (Zero) it's a theatrical show about AIDS produced by La Manzana Envenedada (the poisoned apple) in the Dominican Republic. After reading the script, I started searching for a word that could be translated to a graphic concept. I chose "decay". The characters tell their life story and how they deteriorate after learning they have HIV. All the elements, including the photos, have a different treatment that indicates that and the red represents blood, which is the main carrier of the disease in the human body.

Above is the poster and the logo. This is the flyer. It had three different covers to highlight each one of the actors.

Monday, October 20, 2008

iPhone Wallpapers

This are some wallpapers that I made for my iPhone and wanted to share with you. Just download, create an album on iPhoto, sync to your iPhone and violá!!!


Logo for a consulting company. The client wanted to have a fun and colorful image while remaining professional and businesslike.

This is my favorite logo in a presentation for Vickram Chatwall Hotels -a chain of hotels in New York, Miami, Bangkok and India-. I used an abstraction of a lotus flower which is a very present symbol in Indian culture and they way the petals are binded to form one flower makes a straight reference to the conglomerate of hotels.

La manzana envenenada (the poisoned apple) it's a Dominican theater company based in New York City. Most of their productions are showed in the Dominican Republic and they are mostly tragic comedies so I wanted the logo to show exactly that, as simple as possible.

ADVERTISING: Bombay Sapphire

This is an ad composition used in a campaign pitch for Bombay Sapphire. "Shadowboxes" was one of the ideas. It provided a great way to consolidate all the information about the gin in a beautiful way and at the same time, stayed true to the aesthetic of the Bombay Sapphire campaigns. I worked with the creative director selecting the objects, drew the shadowboxes in illustrator and rendered the final art in Photoshop. This comp sold the campaign that later was photographed and ran in the U.K.

This is the final ad:

Friday, October 17, 2008

PRODUCT DESIGN: Coca Cola Project

This was a fun project! The creative team at the agency came up with a group of names for a new product Coca Cola wanted to develop: a milky soda drink. I had to design a different look for each name based on it's concept and personality. The bottles where metal so I wanted to combine that with the labeling to achieve a modern but approachable look. I rendered all the bottles in Photoshop.

CORPORATE IDENTITY: Andrews Entertainment

Andrews Entertainment is a multimedia company that specializes in film and television. The concept was to portray and idea of entertainment or something that represented the visual interpretation of things. I presented various logos and the one selected by the client was the one based on the Rorschach inkblot tests. I created my own inkblots, scanned them and put them together to form an A. This whole concept created the slogan for the company: What you see. The stationery is very clean and simple using only one element of color as an encapsulation for the company name which also serves as a secondary logo.

Here are the other logos I presented for this project:

CORPORATE IDENTITY: Maquilladores 2 (Make-Up Artist 2)

Two friends of mine joined forces to start a make up agency; that's where they got their name: make-up artist to the power of 2. They wanted something fresh and clean that didn't portray what they do in a literal way. After the meeting, I got inspired looking at their equipment and the variety of colors of eye-shadows and blush and that's how I got the idea for the logo and the color palette. The stationery is clean and simple, using the logo as the main focal point.

CORPORATE IDENTITY: Sugartown Creative

This is the stationery for Sugartown Creative, the ad agency where I used to work. The logo was designed by the creative director and made into a cast sculpture that later was photographed and used in stationary and promotional materials. I illustrated a simple vector version of the logo and used it in the new stationery. We wanted the business cards to stand out more than the other pieces so I designed large post stamps to go in the back alluding the concept of being a small town and using elements of the logo (owl) and the aesthetics of the interior design in the office (wallpaper textures and color palette).